Q&A with our Advanced Engineering Apprentice, Carter McIlwain

Posted on: February 1, 2022

Meet our Advanced Engineering Apprentice, Carter McIlwain



1. Tell us a little about yourself and what you were doing before you started the apprenticeship with Artemis Technologies and Belfast Met.

Before enrolling into this apprenticeship programme, I completed a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as I am keen to pursue a career within the industrial sector.

2. What exactly is the Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship and what influenced your decision to apply?

The apprenticeship focuses on both the theory and practical elements that are required to be able to understand and perform manufacturing tasks. Throughout my HND course I found the practical elements of industrial work very interesting. As well as this, I found myself becoming more interested in working within the maritime industry.

3. What does a typical week on the apprenticeship look like?

We attend the college five days a week, so in that regard its similar to high school but it feels closer to a 9-5 job in terms of hours. The course content is interesting, so the days don’t go by slowly.

4. What have you most enjoyed learning about or taking part in during the first term of the programme?

I have found the course content  during the first term to be quite interesting, due to the variety of subjects and skills focused on.

5. What new skills have you learned on the apprenticeship so far, and how have they been valuable?

For me it would be metal working and working with SolidWorks. These are very valuable skills to have and it’s great that we have been given the opportunity to learn both at the same time.

6. Heading in 2022, what are you most looking forward to learning more about?

I am looking forward to working with materials like carbon fibre and working with electrical and electronic systems. We will also be working/shadowing work in the new Artemis Technologies facility in summer 2022.

7. What do you hope to gain from the apprenticeship?

I am keen to learn the practical and theoretical skills necessary for working in the industrial sector and am pleased that this course has provided me with the opportunity to do this.

8. Is this something you have always wanted to do?

When I was younger, I found it hard to decide what I wanted to do for a career – I wanted to work with computers then. However, as I got older, I felt that engineering provided more practical work, and I am pleased that I have been given the opportunity to pursue this career path.

9. How does it feel to be playing your part in a project that could have such a major impact on sustainability and cutting carbon emissions?

It is exciting, and I find the sustainability aspect quite interesting, so I am very pleased to be a part of the project.

10. Based on your experience so far, would you recommend applying for an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship to anyone who finds sustainability and the maritime industry interesting, as this apprenticeship provides a wide range of skills that focus on these sectors and will last a lifetime.

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