1 - Health and Safety

After you have completed this form, you will receive additional instructions regarding your visit. All guests of Artemis Technologies are subject to the Company's Health & Safety regulations as well as any regulations set by the location (Carrigaline Court Hotel or Royal Cork Yacht Club). In case of fire/emergency at the hotel or RCYC please report to the evacuation points for a roll call. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

2 - Confidentiality Notice

Your attendance at the demonstration May result in coming into contact with, learning, obtaining or otherwise acquiring confidential or proprietary information concerning Artemis and its operations that are not generally known to the public (the “Confidential Information”). If you, or the company you represent, has signed a non- disclosure or confidentiality agreement with Artemis, you must adhere with the terms of that agreement. If neither you nor the company you represent has signed a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement then you must adhere to the following:

Non-Disclosure You must not (and must not facilitate any third party to) directly or indirectly, verbally or otherwise publish, disseminate, duplicate, capture (in any form), confirm or deny, speculate about, or otherwise release (together “Disclose”) any Confidential Information to any person, firm, or entity whatsoever. This restriction shall include (but not be limited to) a prohibition on Disclosure to newspapers, periodicals, magazine or publications and any electronic media, or through or on any social media platform.

Return of Confidential Information The Confidential Information is private, confidential and exclusively owned by Artemis or its affiliates. If you come into possession of any Confidential Information in physical or digital form, you are obliged to immediately return such Confidential Information to Artemis.

Remedies Artemis reserves all of its rights if you fail to adhere to the conditions of this notice.

3 - Notice Regarding On-Water Activity

The person or persons in your group ( where applicable) named at the top of this form (referred to as I, you or your in this notice) will be present during an on-water activity to be undertaken by Artemis Technologies Ltd or another member of the Artemis group of companies (Artemis) on the vessels owned and operated by Artemis (including the vessels known as “Seahorse” and “Pioneer of Belfast” and any other vessels hired, operated or otherwise used by Artemis in on- water activities (the Vessels)). The scope of the on-water activities and your role in those activities (if any) will be defined prior to each departure from the dock in the on-water safety briefing prior to each of the on-water activities (the On-Water Activities). You are either engaged by Artemis to provide services under a separate contract or agreement (either directly or through the participants that you represent or work for) or you are a guest or visitor of Artemis and in either case will be a passenger on the Vessels.

The On-Water Activities by their nature are uncertain and involve risk. Artemis operates an overarching vessel safety management system. As part of that safety management system, comprehensive risk assessments will be undertaken by Artemis for the On-Water Activities. The latest versions of the applicable safety documents (including the safety management system and risk assessments (as updated from time to time)) will be made available on board on the Vessels or can otherwise be provided to you at your request.

The on-water safety briefing prior to each of the On-Water Activities is a critical part of your participation in the On-Water Activities. You must comply with all aspects of the safety briefing and any specific requirements set out by Artemis prior to or at the time of partaking in the On- Water Activities, including (but not limited to) ensuring that you:

  • follow the instructions of the master and crew of the Vessels at all times;
  • wear and/or use safety equipment properly;
  • make use of other specific safety features made available to you as part of the On-Water Activities;
  • you agree that you will wear a life jacket and any other safety equipment as advised at all times during the On-Water Activities and whilst on the pontoon;

in each case at all times whilst partaking in the On-Water Activities and in the immediately surrounding areas as relevant.

In addition:

  • Artemis has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the On-Water Activities are safe, however you accept that damage to property or injury to individuals and/or third parties may occur – the On-Water Activities are dangerous and accidents can and do happen. Given the nature of the On-Water Activities, this may result in injury or death;

  • the On-Water Activities are physically demanding and can put stress and impact on your body. You must be physically able to deal with these demands and should not participate in the On-Water Activities if you have an existing physical injury, or are prone to physical injury (e.g. heart conditions, respiratory conditions and/or back and/or other muscle pain)

  • you hereby declare that at the time of the On-Water Activity: o you are over the age of 16. o you are physically and mentally fit to take part in the On-Water Activities and that you are not taking any drugs (whether prescribed or otherwise) that may impair your ability to take part. o You do not suffer from, or have any history of, any medical or physical condition that could affect your ability to take part in the On-Water Activities including but not limited to any medical or physical condition that could reasonably inhibit your ability to comply with any emergency procedure. o You are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the On- Water Activities.

Artemis has in place an insurance policy which provides cover to other third parties (which would include you) against certain negligent acts or omissions during the On-Water Activities on-board only. The levels of cover are determined on ordinary industry standards for the nature of the loss suffered. Neither Artemis nor any of its employees, contractors or affiliates shall be liable to you, the participants that you work for or are representing, or your connected or related persons for any injury, loss, damage, claims, cost, expenses or demands suffered directly or indirectly as a consequence of your participation in the On-Water Activities, save for any liabilities arising out of a negligent act or omission on board or in relation to the Vessels or the On-Water Activities on the part of Artemis or its employees, contractors or affiliates. In respect of compensation for loss of or damages to your effects, Artemis shall have no liability to pay damages or compensation for loss of cash or valuable objects. You acknowledge that the Vessels are Artemis’ proprietary technology including software and hardware and you shall not disclose any confidential information about the Vessels or any other confidential matters which may come to your knowledge in the course of your participation in the On-Water Activities.

If you have any questions, you must raise them with your contact at Artemis as soon as possible and you must not participate in the On-Water Activities if you are not confident and comfortable to do so or if you have outstanding questions.

By confirming your agreement to this notice, you hereby confirm that you:

  • agree to the contents of this notice;
  • are authorised by the participants that you represent or work for to agree to the terms of this letter on behalf of that participants, as well as on your own behalf
  • undertake to comply with the requirements stated and demonstrated in the safety briefing given to me related to the On-Water Activities;
  • give the declarations set out in this notice and have disclosed any matters that might be relevant to my full compliance with them; and
  • accept the limited insurances that have been put in place by Artemis and the limit of liability specified in this notice.