Leveraging our experience, tools, and methodologies developed in high performance sailing projects, our aim is to provide engineers with advanced numerical simulations to improve their designs.

We have experience in fast pace design environments, advanced use of tools for quick and efficient turnaround, optimization, and simulation validation.

We have access to a large range of computing facilities; from our large internal HPC to bursting external options.

We are experts in marine CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics):

  • Aerodynamic simulations: sail and wing propulsion, windage, exhaust

  • Hydrodynamic simulations: free surface, self propulsion, multi DoF, movable appendages, transition, cavitation, ventilation, seakeeping, powering

  • High fidelity simulations coupled to physics engine

  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)

  • Optimization (mono and multi objective, direct or surrogate approach), applied to aero and hydrodynamic simulations, from 2D sections to hulls and sail/wing trims


 Please see examples of our work below:


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