Performance Analysis

Artemis Technologies has developed world leading performance analysis software, called the Advanced Performance Analyzer (APA):

  • Data driven debriefs with video replay

  • Detailed analysis of high frequency data

  • Automated event detection (maneuvers, straight line, high load cases etc.)

  • Performance reports

  • Build quality data sets

  • Improve performance


APA Specifications:

  • Data Files:

    • Accepts both *.csv and binary data files ( contains tools to pre-process data, convert formats, and merge files)

    • New file formats can be supported if given a sample file

    • Frequencies up to 50Hz (potential for higher frequency if desired)

    • Supports 100+ data channels

    • Supports bit field channels

  • Multiple Boats:

    • Log files from up to 10 boats can be merged and overlaid in APA

  • Media: 

    • Supports a range of media formats including *.mp4 files and *.jpeg images

    • Video resolutions up to 1920x1080

    • Up to 10 cameras/media sources

    • Automatic synchronization of media files

    • Simultaneous playback of up to 5 cameras at low resolution or 3 at high resolution

  • Export Formats:

    • *.csv

    • *.kml (Google Earth format)