Key Markets

Our experienced team and versatile technologies provide capabilities and unique solutions across a range of key markets.

Public Transport Workboats & CTVs Leisure Sail Racing

Public Transport

We offer a more cost effective maritime passenger transport solution with zero emissions.

Cities suffer the most from pollution, and a combination of measures are needed to address air quality, emissions, urban congestion, and noise. These include reducing the use of polluting vehicles and promoting more sustainable transport solutions.

Road and railways require large infrastructural investments and are already close to capacity in many cities, so water-based solutions are often investigated, however currently, there is no cost-effective proposition on the market.

Artemis Technologies believes that light weight passenger vessels, combined with the Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system, could be part of the urban multimodal transport solution of the future. Enabling cities around the world to utilise and benefit from the untapped potential of their waterways.

Workboats & CTVs

The offshore wind sector plays a significant role in decarbonising our communities. The growth of offshore renewables is crucial for long-term environmental change.

The UK government recognises the important role maritime transport plays in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy contributors, like wind farms.

It is estimated that wind farms in the UK will triple by 2030, so the need for maritime transportation to the offshore sites will increase immensely.

At Artemis technologies, we are developing a zero-emission solution to the growing need for Crew Transport Vessels (CTVs) operating on wind farms across the UK. Our CTV design will offer a number of addtioinal operational benefits including flying over the waves, supporting crew health and comfort.


Recreational vessels are a huge part of life in the UK, with the ability to partake in cruising, sailing, water sports and fishing a lot of people see the benefits of buying leisure crafts.

Vessels used for recreational purposes take up a substantial portion of the shipping industry and they too can contribute to CO2 emissions.

The UK and the EU agree that an effort must be made to limit the industry’s negative impact on the environment.

Artemis Technologies contributes to the decarbonisation of leisure crafts by utilising our unique technology and design knowledge.

Sail Racing

Artemis Racing has been involved in racing competitions like the prestigious America’s Cup, for over a decade. The knowledge and research collected over this time makes Artemis Technologies the unmatched partner of choice for providing innovative technology for sailing.

Racing is in our DNA, and we continue to provide world class expertise to teams around the world. Whether designing complex control systems, or providing vital training time on our mHiL simulator, we are able to provide bespoke tailored solutions for our customers unique challenges.