Key Markets

We have already launched the world’s first commercially viable electric foiling workboat, but we’re not stopping there. To deliver on our core mission, we are developing a range of high-speed zero-emission vessels propelled by our transformative Artemis eFoiler® propulsion system.

Workboats Public Transport Leisure Sail Racing


Whether undertaking Crew Transfer, Emergency Response or Patrol operations, our Workboats are specifically designed for high-speed zero-emission operations in the harshest environments.

Providing unparalleled ride comfort and performance in the toughest conditions.

Public Transport

We offer a cost-effective public transport solution that helps address air pollution, congestion, and noise.

A game changer that encourages multimodal transport in urban areas, enabling cities around the world to utilise and benefit from the untapped potential of their waterways.


We have a range of vessels and technologies under development to support the leisure marine sector’s transition to a greener future.

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Sail Racing

Artemis Racing has been involved in racing competitions like the prestigious America’s Cup, for over a decade. The knowledge and research collected over this time makes Artemis Technologies the unmatched partner of choice for providing innovative technology for sailing.

Racing is in our DNA, and we continue to provide world class expertise to teams around the world. Whether designing complex control systems, or providing vital training time on our mHiL simulator, we are able to provide bespoke tailored solutions for our customers unique challenges.