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Next-gen simulator technology

During the 35th America’s Cup, Artemis Racing pioneered the Velocity Prediction Program, a groundbreaking in-house software that revolutionised vessel and control system design. This dynamic tool has been evolved by Artemis Technologies as a full-motion simulator that bridges the gap between machine simulation and human interaction.

This cutting-edge technology doesn't just replicate reality; it enhances it.

From pre-build correlation assessments to skipper training, our simulator offers a seamless transition from virtual to reality. With dynamic models and realistic sea surface descriptions, every simulation is a completely immersive experience.

From high performance sailing to our eFoiler® fleet, our simulator offers world-leading design innovation and performance analysis
Three men from Denmark SailGP team in the F50 Simulator at Artemis Technologies

F-50 simulator

Offering the ultimate training ground for high performance sailing, the F-50 simulator is a fully immersive environment with a 360-degree projector screen and surround sound.

A full-motion platform with 6 degrees of freedom, the simulator mirrors the real boat's movements. While our F-50 physics model replicates the real boat, allowing for repeatable scenarios and effective tactical training.

Vessel development

Our simulator is used as both a design and training tool for our eFoiler® vessels.

Our continuously evolving physics models are crucial in the development of our eFoiler® fleet, keeping us at the leading edge of maritime design.

The simulator is used to tailor training with selectable sea states and wind strengths, ensuring a realistic and challenging experience every time. Repeat scenarios and contact modelling are utilised for enhanced pilot training.

A blue Artemis EF-12 Workboat foiling in Belfast harbour with the feet of the Harland and Wolff cranes in the background

Computational fluid dynamics

In the fast-paced world of design, speed and precision are paramount. Harnessing the power of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we aim to deliver swift and efficient solutions.

From aerodynamic simulations for sail and wing propulsion to hydrodynamic simulations encompassing a myriad of variables, our expertise knows no bounds.

Whether it's optimising performance or validating simulations, our advanced tools pave the way for unparalleled results.

Control systems expertise

Artemis Applied Technologies offers expertise in control strategy, software architecture, and hardware integration. With rigorous testing and validation through our simulator, our complete control system (hardware and software) is put through rigorous testing and validation before it is deployed on a vessel.

High performance designs

Structural design and analysis is a critical part of our design process. Our approach delivers simulations that mirror real-world conditions with utmost accuracy.

Our team specialises in shaping hulls and crafting sail plans, employing rigorous in-house protocols to ensure unparalleled quality for our customers. Our engineers can meticulously craft and test multiple iterations to achieve optimal performance in almost all aspects of our client’s vessels. Using state-of-the-art modelling tools, we ensure every detail is refined to perfection.