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Crafted with precision and expertise, our in-house modular battery system is a testament to innovation, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers, and in line with regulatory needs

Our battery system


Our batteries are engineered to tackle the challenging conditions encountered in maritime environments.


Our batteries are meticulously crafted to exceed customer expectations, delivering optimal performance throughout the rigorous duty cycles of charge and discharge over their entire lifetime.

Durability and robustness

Engineered to withstand the demanding levels of shock and vibration experienced at vessel level, our designs ensure reliability in even the most challenging maritime operations.

Safety and compliance

Our battery packs adhere to the highest safety standards mandated by our customers’ requirements and marine classification societies.

Equipped with a dedicated, configurable Battery Management System (BMS), our batteries boast unparalleled safety features, including market-leading off-gas detection technology that provides crucial response time in critical situations.

Rigorous testing protocols, including compliance with IEC standards 62619 and 62620, coupled with UN38.3 accreditation for shipping, guarantee the utmost safety and reliability of our battery modules.

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Charting a course towards a more sustainable maritime future, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that redefine the maritime industry and tackle the global climate challenge.

From developing vessels that produce zero emissions in operation to innovative design tools, our journey towards sustainability guides everything we do. Join us as we navigate towards cleaner seas and a brighter tomorrow.

Our eFoiler® vessels