Artemis eFoiler®

Unlocking zero-emission high-speed maritime transport

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation.

Introducing our transformative Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system – a revolutionary design developed to help decarbonise our seas, shape the future of maritime, and position Artemis Technologies as the clear market leader in high-speed zero-emission vessels and propulsion systems.

The Artemis eFoiler® is subject to a number of pending patent applications in multiple countries.

Complete System

The Artemis eFoiler® is based on the integration of a high-power density electric drivetrain into an autonomously controlled hydrofoil; combining proven technologies from yacht racing, motorsport, and the aerospace industry.

Artemis Technologies has also developed a unique computer simulation tool, the ‘eSim’, that enables optimised designs of the Artemis eFoiler® system for any type or dimension of vessel, without lengthy and expensive design iterations.

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High-Voltage Battery

Marinised 800v Battery Energy Storage System.

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Steering System

Aft foil acts as a rudder to steer under propulsion, with bow thrusters, to assist in low speed manoeuvres.

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Electric Propulsion

The hydrofoil is coupled with a fully submerged, self-cooled ultra-high power density electric drivetrain that is 97% efficient.

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High aspect ratio foils, with replaceable leading edges, that lift the vessel out of the water.

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Collision Avoidance System

Identifies submerged and semi-submerged objects including wildlife.

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Flight Control System

Ride height of the vessel is managed by a computerised autonomous flight control system.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Electric Propulsion

The growing global desire to cut C02 emissions from all modes of transport has finally begun to drive significant change within the maritime industry.

Leave No Trace

Minimal Wake

Fish, wildlife habitat, shorelines and anchored vessels are all vulnerable to damage caused by wakes made by boats. This often leads to local speed restrictions, resulting in slow journey times, particularly in urban areas.

Integration of the drivetrain into the ‘T’ section of the foil underwater removes the requirement for a driveshaft in the vertical structure. This not only increases efficiency of the mechanical system, it means that our foils are incredibly efficient, and generate no wake when operating at high-speed.

Premium Experience

Quiet Performance

Due to the electric fully submerged drivetrain, the Artemis eFoiler™  provides a quiet experience.

Comfortable Ride

Flying over the waves on a high-speed foiling vessel removes the usual bumpy ride, and associated sea sickness.

Better for Business



The Artemis eFoiler™ works at an unmatched efficiency of 97% more than twice as efficient as traditional Diesel engines.

The design of the eFoiler provides significant range at high-speed, whilst also reducing operational costs through substantial fuel savings.

Vessels developed with eFoiler propulsion will operate with up to 90% lower fuel costs compared with traditional ferries, with the capability of carrying up to 350 passengers.