New Flight Control System for SailGP

Artemis Technologies has developed a new flight control system interface for the F50, a one-design development class, raced on the new SailGP circuit.

This new hardware made its debut in San Francisco last month, and enables the flight controller to take full ownership of flying the boat, resulting in increased control and allowing them to optimize performance.

Replacing the previous pilot interface (joystick), the new innovative double twist grip device allows more accurate adjustment of the fore and aft movement (rake) of the daggerboard.

The flight control system also controls the roll, the differential of the rudders, and average rudder lift on two buttons. This takes pressure off of the helmsman, who previously flew the boat using twist grips on the wheel. As a result, it starts to close the gap between less experienced teams and the leaders, who have spent many more hours using the wheel twist grips.

Japan SailGP Team flight controller, Luke Parkinson:

“It’s been very noticeable, the change; most people are foil gybing every time. Foiling tacks are becoming more and more common now”.

Japan SailGP Team helmsman, Nathan Outteridge:

“For me, the boat is starting to feel like it is reaching its potential.”

The hardware was developed and validated on the Artemis Technologies simulator, before being installed on the race boats. 

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