Two blue crew transfer vessels foiling at an offshore wind farm


A 100% electric foiling CTV delivering a high level of performance, stability and comfort.

Front side view of a 12 metre crew transfer vessel showing the bow fender



32 kt


25 kt


50 NM

*Performance figures are the maximum achievable dependent on variables including vessel specification, load, sea state and temperature.

Setting a new standard

The Artemis EF-12 CTV has been developed to allow offshore engineers to get to their destination and deliver their services in a comfortable, safe, and efficient manner.

The vessel’s advanced stabilisation and propulsion systems contribute to a smooth and stable ride, minimising discomfort and enhancing overall well-being during transit.

With a cruising speed of 25 kt, the Artemis EF-12 CTV provides high-speed journeys, whether originating from shore or SOV, reducing unnecessary and unproductive transfer time.

Safety, stability, speed and power combine for market-leading performance, whilst eliminating CO2e in operation.

EF-12 crew transfer vessel bollard push at an offshore wind turbine as a box of cargo is lifted from the bow

Key features

A blue crew transfer vessel bollard push at an offshore wind turbine

Enhanced crew comfort

The revolutionary eFoiler® technology provides crew and passengers (such as offshore wind farm technicians), with unrivalled comfort. Significantly lower wave impact and noise in both high-speed foiling and slow-speed displacement modes combine for a significantly enhanced experience compared to traditional CTV designs.

Two 12 metre crew transfer vessels foiling at an offshore wind farm with wind turbines in the background


Dual Artemis eFoiler® propulsion means swift transfer times and provides power and control during the key transfer manoeuvres of crew and cargo.

Inside the cabin of the 12 metre crew transfer vessel showing the dashboard and controls, seating, front door that gives access to the bow and view out of the front windows.

Adaptable configuration

Through a close design partnership with leading offshore wind energy companies and CTV charter operators, the EF-12 CTV is able to offer configuration options to suit a wide range of user and operator requirements

“What we found so exciting about the Artemis eFoiler® solution is the reduction in drag when the system lifts the vessel out of the water. This provides speed, comfort range, minimal wake and a 70% reduction in energy costs.

“The eFoiler system looks set to be a game changer for our industry as we seek to decarbonise our fleet.”

– Leo Hambro, Commercial Director, Tidal Transit


EF-12 crew transfer vessel bollard push at an offshore wind turbine as a box of cargo is lifted from the bow
Cargo capacity

The Artemis EF-12 CTV demonstrates remarkable versatility in its cargo carrying capabilities, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of maritime operations.

Two 12 metre crew transfer vessels foiling at an offshore wind farm with wind turbines in the background

Advanced safety measures including improved impact resistance and state-of-the-art fire suppression technology, ensuring the well-being of crew members throughout their time at sea.

A blue crew transfer vessel bollard push at an offshore wind turbine
Bollard push

Critical manoeuvre is powered by cutting-edge propulsion systems.

Journey for miles, charge in minutes

A true testament to innovation and sustainability, the Artemis EF-12 CTV is 100% electric – powered by our revolutionary Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system.

With ultra-fast charging capability, a full charge can be achieved in less than 60 minutes, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted journeys. Requiring minimal servicing in contrast to conventional diesel engines, the ease of charging further solidifies the Artemis Technologies' commitment to efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Offshore wind farm from above near the blades of the wind turbine


Charting a course towards a more sustainable maritime future, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that redefine the maritime industry and tackle the global climate challenge.

From developing vessels that produce zero emissions in operation to innovative design tools, our journey towards sustainability guides everything we do. Join us as we navigate towards cleaner seas and a brighter tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the Artemis EF-12 CTV take to charge?

We offer a range of charging options, including ultra-fast charging capability, in which a full charge can be achieved in an hour, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted operations.

How much does the Artemis EF-12 CTV cost?

If you'd like to find out about the price of an Artemis EF-12 CTV, please Get in contact

How does the Artemis EF-12 CTV perform in rough weather?

Performance of the Artemis eFoiler® technology has been validated during sea trials in the Irish Sea against its gasoline displacement sistership. Energy efficiency, ride comfort and wake creation of the two vessels has been recorded whilst operating across a wide range of weather conditions.

We are working with DNV towards class approval where we've engineered the Artemis EF-12 CTV to be approved for operation in 2.5m significant wave height while foiling and 4m in displacement mode.

How will it navigate submerged debris?

We’re developing a unique high-speed collision avoidance system in partnership with ECIT, part of Queen’s University Belfast. The system will ensure the safety of operations by safely diverting the vessel away from sea life, wildlife, debris and other in-water objects that might otherwise be obscured from view.

Does a pilot require additional training to drive the Artemis EF-12 CTV?

While we advise all pilots to familiarise themselves with new vessels, our vessels are easy to operate thanks to intuitive flight control and collision avoidance systems, ensuring precise slow speed manoeuvring and full control on the open water.

Our autopilot flight control system autonomously controls the ride height, roll and pitch of the craft, enabling the pilot to focus on heading and speed during operation.

Our eFoiler® vessels

Empowering electric

If you're interested in the Artemis EF-12 CTV, get in touch to find out more. Finance options are available.

Artemis EF-12 Workboat foiling in the harbour parallel to the pontoon with a white marine charger