Artemis eFoiler®

Unlocking zero-emission high-speed maritime transport

Introducing our transformative Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system – a revolutionary design developed to help decarbonise our seas, shape the future of maritime, and position Artemis Technologies as the clear market leader in high-speed zero-emission vessels and propulsion systems.

The Artemis eFoiler® is subject to a number of granted patents and pending patent applications in multiple countries.

Leave No Trace

Minimal Wake

By flying above the waves, eFoiler® propelled vessels produce minimal wake, allowing for high-speed, close-to-shore operations within busy waterways.

Significantly reducing journey time, whilst protecting wildlife, shorelines and anchored vessels.

100% Electric

Electric propulsion generates zero emissions in operation, removing air, water and noise pollution.

Premium Experience

Comfortable Ride

The autonomous flight control system ensures a smooth ride, mitigating the effects of seasickness often associated with wavy conditions.

Quiet Performance

Due to the fully submerged electric drivetrain, the Artemis eFoiler®  provides a quiet experience.

Better for Business



The Artemis eFoiler® works at an unmatched efficiency of more than twice as efficient as traditional Diesel engines.

The design of the eFoiler® provides significant range at high-speed, whilst also reducing operational costs through substantial fuel savings.

Vessels developed with eFoiler® propulsion will operate with up to 90% lower fuel costs compared with traditional ferries, with the capability of carrying up to 150 passengers.

Complete System

The Artemis eFoiler® is based on the integration of a high-power density electric drivetrain into an autonomously controlled hydrofoil; combining proven technologies from yacht racing, motorsport, and the aerospace industry.

Artemis Technologies has also developed a unique computer simulation tool, the ‘eSim’, that enables optimised designs of the Artemis eFoiler® system for any type or dimension of vessel, without lengthy and expensive design iterations.

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High-Voltage Battery

Marinised 800v Battery Energy Storage System.

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Steering System

Aft foil acts as a rudder to steer under propulsion, with bow thrusters, to assist in low speed manoeuvres.

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Electric Propulsion

The hydrofoil is coupled with a fully submerged, self-cooled ultra-high power density electric drivetrain that is 97% efficient.

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High aspect ratio foils, with replaceable leading edges, that lift the vessel out of the water.

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Collision Avoidance System

Identifies submerged and semi-submerged objects including wildlife.

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Flight Control System

Ride height of the vessel is managed by a computerised autonomous flight control system.