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A groundbreaking 100% electric foiling ferry designed to revolutionise passenger transport




36 kt


34 kt


70 NM

*Performance figures provided are the maximum achievable dependant on variables including vessel specification, load, sea state and temperature.

Future of maritime transport

Introducing the world's first 100% electric foiling passenger ferry for commercial operations, the Artemis EF-24 Passenger.

A cost-effective smart mobility enabler which produces zero emissions in operation. The Artemis EF-24 Passenger ferry allows cities across the globe to unlock the potential of previously untapped waterways, address congestion and reduce harmful emissions.

Key features

World first technology

Artemis Technologies has developed the world’s first 100% electric foiling passenger ferry that will meet the International Maritime Organization’s High Speed Craft code.

The Artemis EF-24 Passenger is powered by our world-leading Artemis eFoiler® technology which has been rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled ride comfort and performance in the toughest conditions.

Passenger comfort

Experience a journey like no other with the groundbreaking Artemis EF-24 Passenger. This cutting-edge foiling ferry effortlessly glides above the waves, ensuring a smooth journey that removes the usual bumpy ride and associated seasickness.

Its 100% electric propulsion contributes to a more enjoyable journey, free from air and water pollution, reducing noise and aligning with global net zero initiatives. This promotes a more sustainable mode of transport.

Better for business

Set to provide an immediate transport solution that competes economically with road and rail, the Artemis EF-24 Passenger offers operators significant OPEX savings.

Compared to a conventional high-speed diesel ferry, the Artemis EF-24 Passenger has a much lower OPEX due to the increased energy efficiency, fuel cost savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Minimal wake, maximum Impact

The reduced wake of the Artemis eFoiler® system means our revolutionary ferry can avoid local speed restrictions. This significantly reduces journey time by allowing for high-speed operations close to shore while limiting damage to shorelines or anchored vessels.

The Artemis EF-24 Passenger balances the requirement for people to continue to move around with the need to reduce carbon emissions.

With its advanced technology, this high-speed ferry will revolutionise the way people travel within cities, producing zero emissions, contributing to smarter urban mobility.

Journey for miles, charge in minutes

A true testament to innovation and sustainability, the Artemis EF-24 Passenger is 100% electric – powered by our revolutionary Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system.

With ultra-fast charging capability, a full charge can be achieved in less than 60 minutes, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted journeys. Requiring minimal servicing in contrast to conventional diesel engines, the ease of charging further solidifies the Artemis Technologies' commitment to efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Artemis EF-12 Workboat foiling in the harbour parallel to the pontoon with a white marine charger
The sun rising over the sea with clouds in the sky


Charting a course towards a more sustainable maritime future, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that help to redefine the maritime industry and tackle the global climate challenge.

From developing vessels that produce zero emissions in operation to innovative design tools, our journey towards sustainability guides everything we do. Join us on a journey as we navigate towards cleaner seas and a brighter tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Artemis EF-24 Passenger perform in rough weather?

Performance of our Artemis eFoiler® technology has been validated during sea trials in the Irish Sea against its gasoline displacement sistership. Energy efficiency, ride comfort and wake creation of the two vessels has been recorded whilst operating across a wide range of weather conditions.

We are working with DNV towards class approval where we've engineered the Artemis EF-24 Passenger to be approved for operation in 2.5m significant wave height while foiling and 4m in displacement mode.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time of your vessel will depend on what variables you choose. Please contact us to discuss a build slot.

How does the Artemis EF-24 Passenger provide a comfortable ride?

Foiling above the waves removes the usual bumpy ride and associated seasickness while our autopilot flight control system autonomously controls the ride height, roll and pitch of the craft.

Our eFoiler® vessels

Unlock the potential of your waterways

Construction of the Artemis EF-24 Passenger is rapidly progressing. With build slots filling up, ferry operators are encouraged to secure their spot in line to be among the first to experience the benefits of this new technology. Please get in touch to find out more.