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Future of clean maritime transport

We are a clean maritime technology company developing commercial vessels which produce zero emissions in operation. Our mission is to decarbonise high-speed maritime transport.

Building on our high-performance background, our mission is to lead the decarbonisation of the maritime industry through the design and development of transformative technologies and vessels which are zero emissions in operation.

At the forefront of maritime engineering, we utilise our specialist expertise to provide tailored services to both high-performance and commercial clients, as well as develop unique products like our disruptive Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system.

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Our groundbreaking range of high speed 100% electric foiling vessels

Artemis eFoiler®

Patented technology for commercially viable, zero emission maritime transport

Applied Technologies

Where innovation meets excellence in solving our customer’s most intricate technical challenges

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As our oceans face unprecedented challenges, we remain steadfast in our commitment to a more sustainable maritime future. With every innovation, we strive to harmonise cutting-edge technology with environmental responsibility, building towards a world where innovative transportation and ecological stewardship go hand in hand.

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