Maritime Simulators

Artemis Technologies has developed a range of simulator packages from desktop, to full motion platform, working with customers on bespoke hardware and software, to create the most accurate simulated environment.

Artemis Technologies simulators ensure optimal correlation and project efficiency, prior to build; as well as providing the opportunity to train skippers and crew ahead of sailing new vessels. 

Our highly detailed dynamic models and realistic sea surface description are tightly linked to the visual system creating a perfect match between sea surface appearance, and feel. Dynamic water modeling depends on actual changing physical wind parameters (force and direction) in addition to swell. Multiple simulators can be combined in a shared scenario and additional boats can be inserted.

Artemis Technologies can build a bespoke physical model of any customer vessel, and to provide a truly immersive experience, can create a realistic platform for the helm and crew, that has an identical look and feel to the real deck or cockpit.


Artemis Technologies Unveil New Sailing Simulator