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Empowering energy: we work closely with our customers to deliver optimal high-speed charging solutions

Leading the charge

Artemis Technologies is developing standardised charging solutions.

With ultra-fast charging capability, a full charge of vessels can be achieved in an hour. This allows for seamless and uninterrupted operations.

The ease of charging supports Artemis Technologies' commitment to efficiency and lower environmental impact.

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Frequently asked questions

How long do your boats take to charge?

Charging varies according to vessel. Our ultra-fast charging capability allows our 12 metre vessels to achieve a full charge in less than 60 minutes.

What charging systems do you sell?

Artemis Technologies is developing standardised charging solutions with up to 320KW charging power. Above-ground installation means that ultra-fast charging solutions can be quickly installed and put into operation.

Where can the chargers be based?

As we strive towards a net zero emissions target, it is vital that charging facilities become a common site at local marinas and ports. At Artemis Technologies, we are ready to support businesses and authorities with the installation of dock-side charging facilities. There can be up to 300m between the grid connection and the charging point.

Are your charging systems noisy?

Our low-noise charging means our chargers are suitable for installation in mixed-use and residential areas.

How can I find out more?

To speak to our expert team about charging solutions, click here

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High suspension point

Makes it easy to reach the vessel’s charging socket.

Liquid-cooled charging cable

Ensures consistently high charging performance without overheating or derating.

Sunlight-readable 10-inch touch screen

Ensures optimal readability even in direct sunlight.

CCS2 charging connector

For maximum charging power of up to 320 kW.

Low-noise charging

Allows for installation in mixed-use and residential areas.

Unlocking zero-emission
high-speed maritime transport

Booster box system

The system solution for battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging with up to 320 kW charging power with standardised CCS2 connector.

The shore based Booster Box, which is made up of individual battery modules, is charged from the existing grid on a lower power rate. As soon as the boat needs to be recharged, the available grid power can be boosted to 320 kW by using the buffered energy in the battery pack.

Megawatt charging system

Artemis Technologies is developing standardised charging solutions for the Artemis EF-24 range in conjunction with CharIN’s Megawatt Charging System (MCS) Task Force.

The purpose of this group is to align the industry for a common charging system solution for large battery vehicles from various on-highway, off-highway, marine and aviation applications.

MCS offers the charge rate necessary to realise widespread adoption of battery electrification in the commercial marine market by increasing sailing range gained per minute spent charging.

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Charting a course towards a more sustainable maritime future, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that redefine the maritime industry and tackle the global climate challenge.

From developing vessels that produce zero emissions in operation to innovative design tools, our journey towards sustainability guides everything we do. Join us as we navigate towards cleaner seas and a brighter tomorrow.

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