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EF-12 Workboat XL starboard side view of the vessel with foils visible

Energy System

Provided by a novel Artemis Technologies modular marinised battery developed from proven automotive grade battery cell technology.


High aspect ratio hydrofoils with replaceable leading edges, that lift the vessel out of the water.

Steering system

Aft hydrofoil acts as a rudder to steer under propulsion, with thrusters to assist in low speed manoeuvres.


Zero-emission propulsion provided by a self-cooled, ultra-high power density, electric drivetrain with minimal servicing requirements.

Flight control system

Ride height of the vessel is managed by an autonomous flight control system.

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Dr Iain Percy - Benefits of foiling
Simon - Artemis eFoiler® propulsion
Stephen - Steering system
Simon - Energy system
How the flight control system works
Artemis Technologies simulator
Artemis eFoiler computerised render of the forward foil and propulsion
How the Artemis eFoiler® works
Two boats in parallel. One is foiling through the waves with stability and the other is a displacement vessel and is slamming through the waves
Real-world comparison
Artemis EF-24 Passenger
Side view of a luxury water taxi foiling on water
Artemis EF-12 Escape
Artemis EF-12 Workboat foiling with minimal wake behind it and Seahorse, a displacement vessel sailing parallel but producing a much larger wake behind it
Wake comparison
Pioneer of Belfast supports record

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