Artemis Technologies EF-12 escape foiling in island landscape

Artemis Technologies Announces Partnership with International Luxury Hotel Association

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Posted on: August 8, 2023

Artemis Technologies, a leading sustainable maritime technology company, and the [International Luxury Hotel Association[( (ILHA) have announced their partnership today.

Recognising the potential of merging luxury travel and trailblazing maritime technology, Artemis Technologies has joined forces with the prestigious ILHA, a leading global association dedicated to promoting and enhancing the luxury hotel experience.

The partnership comes as the sustainable maritime transport company recently launched a 100% electric luxury water taxi, the Artemis EF-12 Escape.

Developed exclusively for the luxury travel market, the Artemis EF-12 Escape combines an unforgettable guest experience with the green technology of the Company’s patented Artemis eFoiler® system.

Guests onboard the Artemis EF-12 Escape can enjoy a smooth, comfortable journey as the Artemis eFoiler®’s market-leading autonomous flight control system guides the vessel above the waves. This unique technology, combined with the luxury amenities and silent operation delivers a truly first-in-class experience.

Producing zero emissions in operation and generating minimal wake, the Artemis EF-12 Escape allows resorts to minimise their carbon footprint and ensure optimal protection for the environment. By integrating this revolutionary maritime offering into their portfolio, hotel and resort owners can provide their esteemed guests with an unforgettable and transformative experience while helping to reach their sustainability aspirations.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr Iain Percy OBE, CEO of Artemis Technologies, stated:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the International Luxury Hotel Association. This unites our expertise in sustainable maritime technology with ILHA’s esteemed reputation within the luxury hotel industry. Together, we will work together to provide an unparalleled guest experience and support resorts’ ambitions to drastically reduce their carbon footprint.

Reiterating the significance of this partnership, President of the International Luxury Hotel Association, Barak Hirschowitz, added

“Artemis Technologies’ visionary approach to sustainable travel aligns perfectly with our mission to provide extraordinary experiences for luxury hotel guests. The Artemis EF-12 Escape presents a unique opportunity for luxury hoteliers to cater to the desires of discerning travellers who seek both opulence and environmental responsibility.