Iain Percy standing with two others on pioneer under London Bridge

Artemis Technologies Showcases Groundbreaking 100% Electric Workboat to the World, at London International Shipping Week

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Posted on: September 11, 2023

Leading the charge in clean maritime solutions, Artemis Technologies is pleased to announce the much-anticipated arrival of its groundbreaking 100% electric workboat, ‘Pioneer of Belfast’, in London.

This marks the vessel’s inaugural journey outside Northern Ireland, coinciding with London International Shipping Week (LISW). The vessel will take centre stage during this prestigious event, offering an exclusive opportunity for industry stakeholders to witness first-hand the extraordinary capabilities of Artemis Technologies’ patented Artemis eFoiler® technology.

This transformative technology represents a significant leap forward in maritime sustainability, with its cutting-edge electric propulsion system reducing air and water, and noise pollution. This eco-conscious solution is tailor-made for waterways like the Thames, which flows through a densely populated urban area.

What sets eFoiler® vessels apart is their robust and innovative hydrofoil design, which allows them to glide effortlessly across the water’s surface, creating minimal wake. This is particularly vital on the narrow and bustling Thames, where large wakes from conventional vessels pose risks to riverbanks and other boats.

This combination of environmental and operational benefits, make eFoiler® vessels well-suited for the unique challenges and requirements of the Thames River and other urban waterways around the world.

As part of its participation in London International Shipping Week, Pioneer of Belfast will be operating on the Thames for the duration of the event, allowing the general public and maritime industry professionals to witness the future of sustainable maritime transport. The vessel will also be available for exclusive demonstrations to interested parties, offering a unique opportunity to experience up close the groundbreaking capabilities of this remarkable workboat.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said:

London International Shipping Week is the perfect time to showcase the work we’re doing to generate maritime jobs across the country and develop new, clean technologies.

This morning, I boarded Artemis Technologies’ ‘flying’ vessel on the Thames. Through the Government’s £15.5 million funding, Artemis Technologies will help propel our maritime industry to new heights by providing cutting edge passenger vessels around the Orkney Islands.

This is an important part of the Government’s plan to grow the economy, paving the way for more sustainable jobs across the country.

Dr. Iain Percy OBE, CEO of Artemis Technologies, expressed his excitement about this milestone, stating:

London International Shipping Week provides the perfect platform to showcase Pioneer as we begin to export our technology around the world. With our eFoiler® innovation, we are setting a new standard for efficiency and environmental stewardship in the sector. We are proud to showcase this incredible workboat in London and engage with industry leaders who share our vision for a greener future.

‘Pioneer of Belfast’ is the world’s first commercially coded electric foiling vessel, and the EF-12 range) is now in serial production at the company’s Belfast facility, with initial production units set to be completed later this month.

The debut of ‘Pioneer of Belfast’ in London comes on the heels of Artemis Technologies’ recent successful launches of the EF-12 Pilot boat, EF-12 CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel), and EF-24 CTV), all equipped with the same cutting-edge electric foiling propulsion system. These launches, along with the introduction of the EF-12 Workboat XL), underscore Artemis Technologies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the maritime industry.