Artemis Technologies EF-12 Workboat foiling in rough sea

Artemis Technologies’ 100% Electric Foiling Workboat Takes to the Sea

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Posted on: April 26, 2022

Artemis Technologies, the global leader in green maritime innovation, has just released the first pictures of its high-speed, 100% electric foiling workboat prototype on Belfast Lough.

The vessel was designed and built to include the production specification drivetrain, battery and flight control components consumers will eventually see in the finished workboat. With big goals set for 2022, this announcement brings Artemis Technologies one step closer to providing high-speed zero-emission maritime transport to the masses.

The 11.5 metre vessel named “Pioneer of Belfast” is powered by the revolutionary Artemis eFoiler® system, which enables the prototype to fly over the water, using significantly less energy than a conventional workboat with high-speed re-charging technology also developed.

Launched from the company’s research and manufacturing facility in Belfast Harbour, the electric foiling workboat prototype is currently undergoing sea trials to verify its technical capabilities match those from the company’s digital twin simulations, ahead of the launch of Artemis Technologies’ small workboat range next month.

The company which is a spin-off from the Artemis Racing America’s Cup team, has attracted significant UK Government and private investment, and has partnered with Northern Irish organisations on a mission to help deliver a sustainable maritime future.

Iain Percy, double Olympic sailing gold medallist and chief executive of Artemis Technologies said:

It was a truly joyous moment for our dedicated Belfast workforce when the champagne was broken on her bow and Pioneer first took to the water.

Over the last five years we’ve assembled experts from the worlds of motorsport, aerospace and high-performance yacht racing who have worked closely with local talent to deliver the first of many such vessels that will leverage Belfast’s rich maritime history and place the city at the centre of green ship-building industry.