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See.Sense & Artemis Technologies Put Northern Irish Innovation in Global Spotlight with ‘Big In America’ Documentary

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Posted on: 22 September, 2023

The documentary series “Big in America” is set to shine a light on the innovative spirit of Northern Ireland, with local companies Artemis Technologies and See.Sense each the focus of episodes airing next month.

Scheduled for exclusive premieres on LinkedIn in September and October, the episodes will introduce viewers to the founders of See.Sense, Philip and Irene McAleese, and the co-founder of Artemis Technologies, David Tyler.

Teaming up with presenter Alex Polizzi, they will take on the task of breaking into their respective American markets, presenting their cutting-edge products and concepts to key figures in their industries.

See.Sense, headquartered in Newtownards, has gained recognition for its pioneering cycling tech products. These products not only elevate the cycling experience for thousands of cyclists worldwide, but also provide invaluable data insights for cities and local authorities, contributing to safer cycling conditions.

Artemis Technologies, on the other hand, is a Northern Ireland-based company specialising in transformative clean maritime solutions, including 100% electric passenger ferries set to disrupt urban transport in water-based cities across the globe, and crew transfer vessels servicing the growing offshore wind market. Their journey embodies the cutting-edge capabilities prevalent in Northern Ireland’s business landscape.

Irene McAleese, Co-Founder of See.Sense, shared,

This recognition not only showcases Northern Ireland’s capabilities but also underscores the power of innovation. Our cycling tech products enhance cycling experiences and contribute to intelligent urban planning, creating safer conditions for cyclists of all levels.

David Tyler stated, >By establishing a presence in the American market early on, Artemis Technologies can position itself as a leader in clean maritime solutions, as the country continues to shift towards more sustainable practices.

You can watch See.Sense in Episode 2 of the Big in America Series, which premiers on September 26th exclusively on Linkedin. Artemis Technologies will be taking centre stage the following month in Episode 4, premiering on Linkedin on October 24th.